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About Us


THE TOURNAMENT OFFICE, Inc. is a focused tournament housing company specializing in tournament housing services.


Trained by some of the world’s leaders in the Hospitality industry, THE TOURNAMENT OFFICE, Inc. provides qualified and cost effective services. We are able to increase your return of rebate cost by up to 90%, and in addition track hotel room nights, uncover quality, rate effective hotels in convenient locations, and provide excellent customer service skills to your guests.   

REDUCED EFFORT:  Managing the booking requirements of several visitors requires significant experience, expertise and effort.   THE TOURNAMENT OFFICE, Inc. handles the day-to-day challenges of managing rate negotiations, room blocks and rebate guarantees all the while confirming your visitors are being served with the best services your city and the surrounding areas have to offer and allows your team to stay focused on managing their critical business/volunteer commitments.  
CONSISTANT DIRECT FOCUS:  Volunteers are often asked to take on the role of hotel inspector, hotel sales, booking agent and finally collection agent with little to no experience in a specialized field. THE TOURNAMENT OFFICE, Inc. produces outstanding results while freeing volunteers time and energies to focus on what your club does best.
INCREASED OPPORTUNITY:  Our clients maximize their service and revenues through our companies understanding of its trade and market and simply by having dedicated trained hospitality professionals available to you and your guests consistently from the beginning to the end of your event.


A STRONG PARTNERSHIP:  If your event does not succeed, we don’t succeed.  We are highly motivated to create outstanding results.
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