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Gary Wright Executive Director SSA Savannah United FC

We have been using the Tournament Office for our tournament hotels and housing since March 2009. Since this time the Tournament Office has been overseeing our tournament hotels for 20 of our events. The professional service that is offered by the Tournament Office is second to none. The hotels that are used for our events have been of the highest standard and with very affordable rates for teams. As soon as a team registers for one of our tournaments everything to do with the hotel booking is taken care of. From a club stand point we have been extremely pleased with the Tournament Office as a company, and from an individual point of view as the Tournament Director this has made our events run smoothly. I just wish that we found the Tournament Office many years ago!  


Keith Gunn Academy/Technical Director SSA Savannah United FC

We use to handle all of the hotels / accommodations for our events a couple of years ago, but as they grew, we couldn't keep up with the customer service and there was no assurance of quality. The Tournament Office was referred to me with glowing reviews from other local clubs and the Sports Council. Since we have been working with them, The Tournament Office have always been able to accommodate teams and does a good job of meeting their needs i.e. location, budget restrictions etc. Since they took this responsibility from our plate, we have been able to put that free time back into the tournaments and therefore, the partnering with The Tournament Office the overall experience has improved for our participants. The Tournament Office also tracks the number of rooms used for each event so we can then go to the City of Savannah and present that information. It helps us in so many ways. We are now a more reputable club because the City and local businesses can see what an impact our tournaments are having. In turn, our club is better supported, our tournaments are better supported and the game is therefore better supported. My favorite thing about the service is that it is so easy to set up and I can focus on what I am good at whilst knowing that team accommodation is being taken care of! Thank you to The Tournament Office on behalf of Savannah Celtic F.C. 


Tony Annan Executive Director UFA - Norcross SA

Since 2010 The Tournament office has helped the organization and profile of the Norcross Nike Cup it has added to the quality of the experience for our many out of town teams and I am extremely happy with the communication and effort shown by Jeff and his staff.


Gregg Blasingame Executive Director Concorde Fire SA

Hosting a tournament of over 500 teams is no easy task.  There are many moving parts and pieces that need to be overseen and managed during the six months leading up to the tournament.  Jeff Welch, at The Tournament Office, has served us for the past 5 years and we are very grateful for his expertise.  He is especially dedicated to customer service and is a joy for us to work with every year.  Concorde Fire looks forward to working with Jeff in the future and we highly recommend The Tournament Office.


Alyssa Bunting Sales Manager Atlanta Marriott Norcross

I have worked with Jeff on several tournaments as a Sales Manager for Marriott. Jeff is incredibly professional yet personable, efficient, and simply a pleasure to work with! I have worked with him on smaller tournaments and very large ones but cannot tell the difference because he maintains constant communication and does not miss a single detail. He keeps our hotel's best interest in mind while also maintaining a great relationship with the teams, parents, etc. I often times end up speaking directly with many people coming in for the tournaments and they all love working with Jeff just as much as I do. He takes care of his people, whether they are a customer or a partner, Jeff is always fair and happy to help. Tournaments are a team effort involving many different operations and Jeff is a major asset in consistently creating a successful event from start to finish. Thanks for all you do Jeff!


Ed Bailey Hyatt Hotels

I have worked with Jeff Welch as the Director of Sales of both Hyatt Place Charlotte and Hyatt Place Charlotte City Park. Our Hotels aggressively partnered with Jeff and a number of times elevated our sponsorship levels based on the size of the event. Jeff was in constant contact with our hotel and we always knew ahead of time if an event was going to be bigger but more importantly smaller than we thought. The reason I found this sort of communication impressive is that Jeff thought about the hotel’s business model and what we need to be effective in sales. I have found many people in a similar role to Jeff's but have found they only worry about their blocks and rebates and no more. Jeff has always been professional and always did the right thing. For example, I can clearly remember an event that did not turn out the way any of us thought and Jeff transferred our sponsorship money to the next event to make things right. I don't judge a partner by how things go when times are good, as that is easy. I judge a partner on recovery if things don't go great. Jeff is a great partner and one who cares about the kids and their families but also shows equal passion for his partners. Jeff and I worked together for 7 years in Charlotte and while I have moved on to a larger role in my company, Jeff still to this day takes the time to reach out and check in on me. A lesser person would have forgotten me once I was no longer of monetary value in his world. Again, I would not hesitate to work with Jeff in any capacity.


Brad Marsico SREE Hotels

Working with Jeff Welch and The Tournament Office has been a tremendously positive experience for SREE Hotels, LLC.  We have had a business relationship for more than 10 years.  Our positive partnership with Jeff Welch and The Tournament Office is extremely vital to our success in capturing the booming youth sports business!  Because we have various locations throughout North and South Carolina, Jeff at The Tournament Office has been an asset to our group of hotels. Jeff’s knowledge of the local youth sports market and his experience in booking large groups of teams has made it a very positive business relationship. Jeff works very closely with the local youth organizations and ensures that the hotel partners are very aware of those relationships. He incorporates his partner hotels in the decision making for rates and room blocks and makes it very easy for us as a group. Jeff also provides the hotels with the team rooming lists, methods of payment, any other essential information in a very timely manner.  He constantly follows up with both his clients and the hotels to confirm both parties satisfaction.  From a hotelier’s point of view, working with Jeff and The Tournament Office makes everyone’s life easier.  He is professional, consistent, and always holds the best interests of both parties above his own.  You always know you’re in good hands with Jeff Welch.  I fully recommend him and his organization to any and all.


Grayson Miller Hopp Columbia Regional Sports Council

The Columbia Regional Sports Council looks forward to working with Jeff and the Tournament Office twice a year for our major soccer tournaments.  He is extremely organized & professional and has quick turnaround time.  He makes our jobs easier, and we hope to have the opportunity to work together more.

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